Why Is My Business Website Not Generating Leads?

Losing leads from your website design

When putting your business on the web, business owners will spend a lot of time and money, to ensure they have a presence that will represents them well.

It’s obvious that a great website is the foremost method for many businesses to gain...

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Denver SEO and Internet Marketing

How SEO Can Revolutionize Your Business

It’s very easy to get caught up in all the things you ‘should’ do for your business, and it seems as if there are always more. It can feel difficult to keep the ship afloat, while also moving it forward at the pace you want. In these moments, always refer to the 80/20 rule, also known as the ‘...

Denver Website ROI

How Can People Determine a Website's ROI Before its Creation?

An ROI, also known as a Return on Investment, is a ratio that determines the gain relative to the investment. In order to anticipate the profitability of a website before its creation, several things must be taken into account: its own objectives, performance indicators, and competitors. This...

Denver Responsive Web Design

Want to Increase Conversions? You Need Responsive Web Design

Anyone planning a new website needs Responsive Web Design. Anyone with an older website that's slipping in profitability needs Responsive Web Design. It's easy to check if your website is responsive. Pull up the website on several different devices, including a PC, smartphone and whatever else...

Denver Google Analytics Strategy

Is There A Place For Google Analytics In A Company's Business And Marketing Plan?

The world of business and competition for customers keeps changing as society changes. Each business owner needs to decide whether they will change with the trends or buck them. A small local business that gets business with an ad in the local paper and word of mouth has a limited customer base...

Denver Content Strategy

The Basics of Content Marketing Methods and Content Strategy

If a company owner is looking to create a Content Strategy, they’re in the right place. However, before starting, it’s important to learn the differences between content strategies and content marketing strategies. While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are some important...

Denver Social Media Strategy

The Necessity of Using Social Media for Internet Marketing

Just about everyone has heard of Social Media and has seen advertisements for businesses, posts created by businesses, and more. Yet, many small business owners aren't sure if social websites will be beneficial for them or worth the hassle of learning another marketing technique. The reality is...

Denver Email Marketing Strategy

Is Email Marketing Still an Effective Form of Marketing Online?

Many online marketing techniques have actually been around for many years. Most people have been impacted by Email Marketing and receive a number of emails from businesses they're interested in every day. Yet, there is worry that it's not as effective as it used to be as many people will simply...

Denver SEO Strategy

Is It Still Important to Use SEO and What's Going to Make It Work Better?

Those who own a website know how important it is to use SEO techniques to ensure their website has a high ranking. Yet, in the recent past, there have been many changes to the algorithms used to determine the ranking for websites. They've become harder to figure out and harder to adjust for,...

Denver Blogging Tools

Using Tools to Increase Blogging Effectiveness

People typically have a few goals when they start a blog. They want people to read what they have to say, but they often also want to see if it's possible for them to make some money off of the blog as well. For either of these things to happen, it's necessary to get traffic to the blog. Using...

Denver Website Security

Advantages of Website Security

It is important to ensure the security of each website and the information it contains. When a user visits a site that has protocols like HTTPS or SSL, they can rest assured the site is protected because it ensures data protection. As with any change that affects a website, its implementation...