Website Maintenance

Once your website is live and running, it's important to make sure every visitor gets the same experience. Learn what is website maintenance and why you need it.

Do I Need Website Maintenance?

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is just like any other type of maintenance, really. It’s the practice of regularly checking up on your website and fixing website issues whenever necessary.

Also, just like everything else, staying on top of website maintenance increases your website’s efficiency and prevents costly problems. Naturally, if you don’t keep up with maintenance, you’ll have to make repairs to your search rank and/or online reputation.

Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Here’s a short list of what can go very right, or very wrong, depending on how well-maintained your website is.


At any given stage in SEO trends, your search rank needs constant attention to stay anywhere near the top five. Besides this, those SEO trends are constantly changing. If you don’t keep up, you will definitely fall behind.

Audience Attraction/Engagement

Furthermore, neglecting maintenance will disintegrate audience engagement levels. That’s not just because of your decreased search rank, either. Your audience will dislike you for the same reason Google does: your site is no longer fresh and relevant but stale and unimpressive.


Part of website maintenance is keeping website software up to date. A poorly-maintained website with outdated software is a security risk to you and your site users. Such a website is easier for cybercriminals to hack into to steal sensitive information.

Brand Reputation

Clearly, the issues above are a sure way to decimate your brand’s reputation, especially if you are hacked. Afterward, it will be difficult if not impossible for your brand to recover.

Peace of Mind

Also, a well-maintained website is an effective, efficiently-running conversion machine—an absolute joy. A poorly-maintained website is a constant headache and an absolute nightmare. If you’re not on top of maintenance then you’re behind, always playing catch-up and never getting the results you want.

Stay on Top

Maintenance Checklist

To help you stay on top of website maintenance, we’ve made you this checklist. The checklist includes how often you should be performing these tasks.

Weekly Tasks

Here are the tasks you should be performing every week to keep your website’s performance healthy.

First, check every page to make sure they all load properly without any errors. While you’re at it, check pages for broken links and make sure all forms on your website are working. Also, find and correct any 404 errors. 

Next, check your comments from site visitors. Remove any inappropriate or spam comments.

Now, make sure your website software and plugins are up to date. If they’re not, update them.

Websites also need new content regularly to keep a steady inflow of interested visitors. Use this weekly checkup time to add new content to your blog.

Finally, create a backup of your website. Test that it runs properly and make sure you store it safely and securely.

Monthly Tasks

Load speed is a huge factor in the search rank of your website. So, once a month, you should audit your site’s loading speed. Diagnose and fix any issues that are causing long loading times before Google penalizes your search rank.

Check out all the other analytics of how your website is performing, too. Find out which content is drawing in the most visitors and make more like it.

Find out if people are bouncing too quickly and/or not returning to your site. Diagnose/fix any issues that might be causing this.

Also, audit your website’s security. Look for/fix anything suspicious in your security scans.

Lastly, check your blog each month for articles that can and/or should be updated. Updating is far easier than writing a new post from scratch.

Plus, it takes dusty old content no one views anymore and makes it relevant again. This makes your whole website overall more relevant and less outdated.

Quarterly Tasks

Now, here’s a fun step: update as many images as you can. Obviously, you should replace any broken, low-res, outdated, irrelevant, or otherwise no-good images.

But this also gives you the opportunity to “freshen up” your website. Keeping your visitors’ eyes full of fresh, modern images really makes your website pop, to new and returning visitors alike. Plus, it makes your maintenance creative instead of monotonous for a change.

Along with images, check that your website’s design still looks fresh and functions well. Also, freshen up your ad placements and calls-to-action/forms.

Now, check to make sure your website works for everyone. View your own website from as many browsers and on as many devices as you can.

Check Yourself, Too

You also want to use your quarterly maintenance time to make sure you are working properly also.

First, update yourself on any new Google algorithms or other SEO trends that can affect your search rank. Check your meta tags and titles and all other aspects of SEO to make sure they are still up to date.

Check how your efforts to advertise your website are going. Prune what’s not working and increase what is.

Also, overall, are you working harder than smarter? That is, can any of your website efforts be automated (24-hour chatbot support, for example)?

After all, the number of automation applications is constantly increasing. Presumably, there are several that exist today that didn’t exist when you started your website. See what new automation technologies can help you.

Yearly Tasks

Update or write sequels to any year-specific content in your blog (Example: “Biggest SEO Trends of 2019”). Check all content for grammatical/factual errors and irrelevance. Update with any necessary changes. 

Furthermore, don’t only improve what’s wrong. Improve what’s right, too. That is, determine your most popular blog posts and update them, also.

Confirm your contact information is still correct and that your domain renewal is paid up. Lastly, if your site’s design is in need of an update, make sure it gets done.

How Do I Get Started?

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