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Where Has All the Creativity Gone?

You may have noticed a trend today when it comes to graphic designers in Denver. There seems to be a lot of design without creativity. Most of what you see is just variations on the same theme or design, and it leaves you wanting just a little more.  If you have noticed this trend then you “get it”!  You “get” how important creativity really is to coming up with graphics that are compelling, unique and has the pop that people remember!

Designers once had the laborious task of hand drawing everything, scaling it all by hand and literally working hunched over the drawing board. Today, thanks to the technological advances, just about anyone can call themselves graphic designers. The tools are easier than ever to use. Unfortunately, no matter how good the tools are you still need talent to rally come up with something unforgettable.


Where does creativity start?

Uncover the Creativity

At Sitewired we applaud our creative staff because not only are they dedicated to their craft but they really let the creative juices flow and it shows in every project they work on.

Uncovering the creativity starts with:

  • A love of what you do
  • The right workplace environment that encourages creativity
  • A skill set that takes the most advanced tools and takes them up a notch

At Sitewired our creative team loves to create unique designs that really make the right impression. You do not get that “flat” mechanical look that you can find with other graphic designers. You get the designs that come to life and help people remember your business.  Our highly skilled designers take a personal approach to every project and get to know the business that they are working with.