Frequently Asked Questions

2 out of 3 people prefer to browse on websites that are thoughtfully and beautifully designed. This should speak volumes as to how important web design is for your company's digital presence.

Are you thinking of getting web design services but have some burning questions? Then keep reading.

Hopefully, by reading this page and seeing the common customer questions we get, you feel more at ease about having SiteWired Web Solutions develop your website. We are here to help you develop, or redevelop your website, so you can grow your customer base. 

Below, we'll explore and answer some of the most common customer questions we see.

What Are Your Product Guarantees?

So long as your website is live, we fully guarantee all of our web products for you.

How Much Does a Website Cost? Do You Offer Fixed Pricing?

First, we'll give you a free consultation. Then, we'll provide you with a no-obligations proposal and anticipated budget so you know what to expect.

Because every project is different, and we want you to be 100% comfortable with our company, we will always honor our bids. This is even if there are any unexpected over-runs. We always keep our word.

Who Has Ownership of the Website and Its Code?

Once we receive full payment from our customers, the ownership of the website and its cost transfer to them. If you've paid for something, you should own it. Never trust a business that doesn't give you full ownership over your website files!

Will I Have Administrative Powers Over My Website?

Our company offers web services that allow our customers to have full control over the content of their website. And they can do it in a simple manner as well.

We have a client-side admin interface you can log into. Once you do, you can upload things like images and videos, and add text and blog posts. It's so simple to do that you won't have to get in touch with us to update anything; you can do it all on your own!

How Long Do Projects Take for You to Develop?

Every project is different; we can take anywhere from a week to a few months' time to finish your website or project. However, we'll provide you with timelines in our proposals so you know what to expect.

Who's in Charge of Day-to-Day Website Operation?

Prior to launch, our business is responsible for your website. However, once it's live, the day-to-day operation of your website is up to you.

If you're not sure how to do so, we can provide you with training and full support.

Do You Offer Web Hosting Services?

Yes, we have our own dayta centers for websites that are not on WordPress. There are several choices available, please give us a call to discuss them with us if you're interested.

What Industries Do You Normally Design Sites For?

We're experienced in designing websites for a number of industries. They include medical, restaurant, engineering, legal, ecommerce, and software companies.

Whatever industry you're in, we'll be able to handle it, as we're very flexible.

Do You Include Administration Panel Training?

Yes; we'll train you on content management system (CMS) operation when your website is close to launch.

Do You Use WordPress for Some Sites?

Yes, we design and develop some websites in WordPress. However, Drupal is a more suitable option for your business because of its secure nature, and ease of use.

Should you need different backend options, we have other choices as well.

Do You Product SEO-Driven Sites?

We've been producing SEO-driven sites for quite a while now. All our products come with optimized metal titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and more.

Are All Your Products Mobile-Friendly?

All of our products will render with no problem, no matter which type of device or browser the visitor is using. Responsive web design is especially important nowadays, and we certainly build with "mobile first" in mind.

Do You Have Branding Services?

Yes; we have full-service branding services in addition to graphic design. We work on development of things such as your brand guidelines, logo design, business cards, social media banners, and more. Our design team definitely is up to the challenge!

Do You Have SEO Services?

We have several packages available to suite your needs and budget. In addition, we also have PPC management services, local SEO, and organic SEO. You can also get Denver digital marketing services.

Do You Provide Ecommerce Website Development?

Yes, we prefer to the Drupal open source framework, however, we can help you build  your ecommerce website across all types of platforms depending on your preference.

What Payment Options Are Available?

You can pay by cash, credit card, or check. Our policy is you pay in installments of either 50% or 33% upfront, and balance due on delivery, and approval of your finished website.

Why Should We Choose Sitewired Web Solutions?

The quality of our previous work should speak for itself. We have over 20 years of experience producing high end websites with advanced functionalities.

How Will My Website Look?

We create best-in-class, user friendly websites, so we'll take all your feedback from our discovery sessions and incorporate it into the best possible look, feel and user interaction for your brand.

Do You Offer Multiple Versions of Your Work?

To avoid wasting anyone's time, we aim to get things right on the first try. Of course, we're open to re-concepting if needed, but we do our best during the mockup phase, and with your feedback on those mockups, we get it right before moving into development.

Can You Develop Custom Code for Different, More Advanced Functionality?

Our developers have a combined experience of over 40 years building custom website solutions, so yes!

Where Can I Get Support if You Disappear?

We've been around for more than 20 years, and can promise we're not going anywhere. In any case, we code in PHP, and MySQL, which means any developer should be able to provide support if you need it.

Why Do Quotes From Developers Vary Drastically?

Large agencies usually want you to pay for their overhead, and on the opposite spectrum, freelance developers will go dirt cheap. Since we strive to keep our overhead low, our services remain affordable, but top notch.

Are You One of the Best in Denver?

It may be a biased answer, but yes, we feel we are. There are many options in the city and state, but we deliver the finest work around, with unmatched customer service.

What's the Project Timeline Like?

For informational website design, that takes around 4 to 6 weeks. Custom builds will take around 8 to 12 weeks. For logos, they'll take only a few days.

Can You Help With Partially Finished Products From Other Developers?

Yes, we certainly can. But speaking from experience, a full redevelopment might be necessary in some cases.

How Are You Certain My Site Won't Go Out-of-Date?

We always use the latest technologies and techniques to create websites, and we maintain the security updates on a monthly basis for you as well. This ensures your website or product should last for many years to come.

Do You Custom-Build and Design Your Websites?

We go a step above our competition by custom building everything from scratch. Nothing cookie cutter here, and we never use pre-built website templates. 100% custom designs only.

What Design Tools Do You Use?

We specialize in developing with the Drupal Content Management System, and we use the standard tools of the trade: the Adobe suite of Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects, and Illustrator, just to name a few.

What WordPress Theme Do You Recommend?

In general, we do not ever recommend using Wordpress due to it's design limitations, and it's dependency on a pre-determined template. It simply is not the choice of advanced website developers.

What Development Technology Do You Use?

We use MySQL, PHP (back-end coding), HTML5, CSS, and AJAX, and JavaScript.

What's the Difference Between Web Design and Development?

Web design is the front end, which is everything you see. Web development is everything that happens under the hood.

What Is Web Design Software?

This is software that allows you to create a website. As you can guess, there are many out there; some even allow non-web developers to create a decent website.

How Can I Build a Free Website?

You can try websites like Wix. However, free websites are usually lacking in quality and professionalism.

What Is Parallax Website Design?

This is where the background image moves at a different pace than the foreground image. This creates a 3-D effect.

Are Google Sites Free?

Yes; so long as you have an account, you can make as many as you want.

Are Websites Using Parallax Good for SEO?

Because they tend not to have many pages of rich content, the answer is usually no. But if you have many pages, it can work great for SEO.

How Do I Find a Good Website Designer Near Me?

Try Googling "website designer near me" and checking out their sites and reviews.

What Should I Look for in a Web Design Company?

The most important thing is integrity. Also, their prior experience and quality of work are important as well.