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Do I Need a Responsive Website?

Mobile Users Are Task Focused

At SiteWired, we're on top of the trends and designs structured to take advantage of the growth in mobile development, at the same time retaining the features necessary for viewing a websites on larger screen sizes. When a mobile device user visits a site, they're not likely to be simply browsing. They're there for a specific purpose. Our frontend developers are able to create the parameters that recognize specific screen dimensions of the phone loading the site and set the viewport so it displays properly. Mobile users also tend to be somewhat fickle. If the site takes too long to load or if navigating to the necessary information is awkward, they tend to quickly abandon the site and go elsewhere to spend their money. Well-designed sites take the simple steps such as setting the text size, screen width, and a generally flexible layout so that the user experience allows any user to find what they need in a timely fashion.


Easy Access to Information

Mobile users frequently take advantage of websites to verify information even while shopping at brick-and-mortar locations. Price checking is only one use of mobile devices, suggesting providing product details online will tend to enhance a customer's shopping experience. Industry statistics indicate 70 percent of customers routinely check a mobile friendly site to verify information when making buying decisions. We will create an experience that will allow your customers easily locate and evaluate any product or service information they need. Sites that are not mobile friendly tend to push shoppers to competitors' sites. Our frontend developers will make sure that your mobile design will always keep the customers flow in mind.

For many users, the mobile version of a website is the preferred version that they are much more likely to access. It is quick to pull up a choice of companies on your smartphone when you are on the go, letting people choose which contractor to hire for a job, what product to buy, or where to eat. 

When designing your mobile website, our team ensures that your website visitors will be able to easily navigate it across various screen dimensions. This makes it easy for them to make decisions or research your company on the go. They can buy your product or schedule a service appointment no matter where they are, without having to hunt all over your website to find your information. Essentially, for mobile sites, it is not just important to have the information visitors want but to also have it easily accessible.