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Is SEO Still Important?


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April 15, 2023

Those who own a website know how important it is to use SEO techniques to ensure their website has a high ranking. Yet, in the recent past, there have been many changes to the algorithms used to determine the ranking for websites. They’ve become harder to figure out and harder to adjust for, which leads many people to think that there must be something other than optimizing the website that can help them get higher rankings. The reality is, having an SEO Strategy in Denver is still advantageous and there is a lot that can be done to ensure it helps the website rank highly.

Is SEO still important

What Changes Have Occurred?

The changes for the ranking algorithms have recently focused on not only bringing in more relevant search results but on how they’re able to do this. The focus is now less on specific keywords and more on finding the content that’s actually going to be relevant for the person doing the search. This has made it easier for search engines to find content the viewer is going to want, but it has made it more difficult to use some of the more basic optimization strategies to gain a higher ranking. Still, many of the techniques are still valid or can be used with adjustments once the person understands what they should do now.

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What Strategies are Still Important?

A variety of SEO strategies will still be important despite the algorithm changes that are occurring. Backlinks are still going to be important, as is the content on the website.

  • Backlinks – Getting quality backlinks from relevant sources are going to be worth more than just random backlinks, regardless of the number. Additionally, having a high number of backlinks that don’t work can be harmful for the website, so ensuring the backlinks actually go to a quality page is going to be essential both when the link is created and later on.
  • Longer and More Detailed Content – The trends are looking to longer and more detailed content on websites. The more information a person can put in an article, the better. There needs to be quality as a main concern for the content, however, as articles with little substance, no matter how long they are, will not help the website.

What About the Keywords?

Keywords are still going to be important, but their value and the way they work has changed. Often, this is better as it allows the search engines to connect websites with the people that are actually looking for them.

  • Placement – The placement of the keywords is still essential, but the quantity is not anymore. It’s important to keep them in the title and the tags, but it’s not as important to use them a large number of times in the body of the article. Once or twice will usually suffice.
  • Intent – The algorithms have started to determine the intent of the website using more than just the words in the keyword. This helps ensure the website shows up when it’s relevant and not just anytime the keywords on the website match the keywords a person is using for a search.
  • Semantics – Similar to the intent of the keywords, semantics is going to come into play more as well. This helps on the viewer end of the search as the search engines can determine what they mean to say and find relevant websites for them. This helps ensure they’re not just shown something that matches the keyword but that matches what they really want as well.

Take the time to delve further into your Denver SEO Strategy instead of giving up on it completely. Although there are some changes that have occurred to make optimizing a website successfully a bit more difficult, it’s still important to work on this and continue to improve the website. With the right content and information, it’s still possible for a website to gain a higher ranking and for the business to continue to see new visitors on a regular basis.