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Social Media Marketing in Denver

Understanding the Social Media Process

Social Media Marketing allows companies to target individuals with influence in their niche and increase word of mouth referrals. In addition, they learn more about conversations surrounding their particular industry and business while engaging and expanding their audience across the web. For this reason, any company looking to grow should consider this marketing technique and turn to professionals for assistance when they struggle in this area. How can a professional social media marketing company help with achieving these goals?

The Social Media Process

This process focuses on creating a campaign that meets the unique needs of the business in terms of their specific goals. It involves a four-step process to ensure no element is overlooked and the campaign is providing the desired return on investment. Following are the four steps and what they entail.

The process begins with the discovery phase. At this time, information is gathered about the business, its website and social presence, and the competition. This material is needed to provide a baseline as the process continues. A project brief will be created, research will be conducted on the target audience, a social audit carried out, and a competitive analysis performed to collect the desired data.

Next, the marketing firm develops a social media marketing strategy that pulls together all facets of marketing—one that includes a project plan outlining deliverables and business goals that can be measured. The plan covers both shareable content and social media profiles. Furthermore, it includes measurement planning and an engagement strategy. For those businesses feeling they need more, an advertising strategy may also be developed at this stage.

Once the strategy has been developed, it's time to execute the campaign. This includes not only implementing the content developed in the last phase but also putting into place any advertising campaigns that have been created. Now is also the time a company needs to interact with consumers and influencers on various social networks. 

To ensure the campaign is performing as desired and targets are being met, the fourth phase of the process calls for analysis and reporting. In addition to measuring the effectiveness of the campaign, key performance indicators must be evaluated. Goal tracking remains essential at this stage, and the project plan must be adjusted based on the results being obtained. This type of reporting needs to include both a monthly performance report and a quarterly review.

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Should I use social media for customer support?

Using Social Media as a customer support outlet does have its benefits and drawbacks, and is something just about every business should consider.