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Building Your Effective Brand Identity

A Brand Identity conceived in a vacuum is, at best, wishful thinking. While inspiration can make a difference, it should always be grounded in the realities of business. The more information available, the better brand-related strategizing and action can aim for definite results. Plotting out everything that makes a particular industry and market interesting is a proven way of producing insights that lead to a powerful, fitting brand.

Learning from what the competition has already tried can be just as effective. Whether through success or failure, competitors reveal with their own activities facts that can be leveraged to create a stronger, more effective brand. That can mean anything from addressing a common complaint among customers to shaping a brand to ward off likely future threats. In every case, learning more pays off.

Aligning Your Brand with the Things That Make Your Business Tick

Just as learning about the business environment makes for a more potent brand, so does seeking to highlight the things that make a company special. A brand that does not reinforce the unique value a company represents will always be something like an illusion. Thinking about how to use your brand to emphasize the features that make a company stand out, will make the entire process more complete and reinforce your brand.

As a result, customers will experience a brand as an organic extension of the company they engage with. Achieving this means keeping close track of what branding efforts actually accomplish, with any deviation from desired results signaling the need for adjustment. When all the elements are acting in harmony, customers experience a brand as something with a distinctive, definite value of its own, and loyalty always follows.

Even the most recognizable logos have changed over time

Is it time for a fresh new look?

Many of the world's most recognizable logos have changed over time. Coca-Cola and AT&T have redesigned their logos multiple times, achieving a fresh look while still retaining instant recognizability. Apple kept the iconic bitten apple but gave it a sleek, sophisticated look that better represents their brand today.

A logo change can be subtle, such as using a different font or color, and still have a big impact. It says the company holds true to their established values and traditions while moving proudly into the future. We understand your desire to retain some consistency with the current logo, whether through retaining the primary color, the concept or the design. We will work with you to find the appropriate balance.