Backlinks: What Can They Do For Your Website?

As the online world gets increasingly competitive by the day, website designers need to employ advanced techniques

Link Building Strategy

Strategies to boost your website’s search engine ranking

Although there are many strategies to boost your website’s search engine ranking, link building is fast becoming one of the more preferred methods by top website designers. Link building not only has the capability to drive increased traffic to your website, but it’s mutually beneficial between the websites, and their respective companies, that are being linked.

In short, link building can be defined as the acquisition of hyperlinks on other websites (also known as backlinks) that direct the user back to your website. All links have both a starting point and a destination, and the goal is to spread links to your website across the Internet. Although this is simple in concept, it can be complex to properly implement to achieve maximum boost to your site’s search engine ranking. It’s highly recommended that you seek professional assistance with link building from a web design or SEO agency.

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Attracting Googles Attention

Link building is all about attracting the attention of search engine “web crawlers.” These ranking algorithms search the web for keywords in a website’s content to see how they qualify for specific keyword searches. At the same time, it also catalogues all the hyperlinks directing back to a website from across the web. The quantity of these backlinks plays a role, but so does the reputability of the website they’re featured on. Backlinks from the website of a Fortune 500 company’s website are going to boost your website’s ranking a lot more than those from a smaller website.

Competition for key words is really intense so link building is definitely worth it. Ultimately, a combination of several SEO tactics is best for getting the most visibility for your site. Get your business’ website to the top of your competition by consulting with SiteWired Web Solutions, your trusted website designers in Denver. 


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