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The aim of ToxicLabor is to restore dignity and self respect to millions of working people through the popular medium of the online review.
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About The Client

Business owners are under much scrutiny. Review sites such as Angie’s List, Google and Yelp keep them accountable for the way they conduct business. A site called Glassdoor invites employees to review their former (or current) employers. DORA, the labor board and other government and private groups make sure that employees are treated fairly and not discriminated against. Mature business owners will recognize all of that as a good thing. Accountability improves quality, productivity, efficiency, honesty, and generally promotes good ethics. Perhaps most importantly, review sites expose criminals posing as good intentioned business owners.

Key Features

  • Drupal Content Mangement System
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Custom branded emails
  • Users as employers reporting toxic employees
  • Reporting system for Employees
  • Compiled database of employees for employers to search
  • Stored cards and user data
  • Recurring payments
  • Custom signup and reported process for employers
  • Custom graphics per report type
  • News and Blogging system