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SEO Discovery

An SEO process that ensures your business gets noticed in Google local search

We research your business, website, and your rivals with a specific end goal to provide clear documentation which later will be utilized through every other phase. We also assess your current search engine rankings, to give you a solid understanding of your starting point.

This type of deep analysis is the benefit of hiring an SEO expert to help you with gain rankings in the result pages.

Project Brief

We will define your business goals with all the information to complete discovery process. This will help us determine what keywords to optimize to increase your businesses bottom line.

SEO Audit

We will create a baseline for your businesses current rankings based on analytics for onsite & offsite metrics. This will inspect factors under the hood such as title tags, meta tags, and meta descriptions. These factors are incredibly important for search queries showing text and keywords that best represent your business.

We'll check your xml sitemaps to make sure they are up to date and accurate, and that there are no out of date web pages that need to be cleaned up or removed.

Additionally, we'll analyze to make sure there is no duplicate content, which can have hugely detrimental effects on search rankings, putting you into a Google penalty.

Keyword Research

We will define your target, "money" keywords based on your goals outlined in the project brief and opportunities found in the Audit. This research will help us determine what keywords your potential customers are using to find you and your competitors.

What on Earth Is the New Google Beacon?

It's that time again. Google is raising the marketing bar with another new product offering.

Google Beacon is the latest in a long list of tools from the search engine giant.

Just like with My Business, Gmail, Maps, and YouTube, the new beacon benefits both consumers and marketers.