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Floys Finest Mobile Design

Floys Finest Salsa

Floy’s Finest begins with Rachels own beloved recipes, chips, salsas and more!
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About The Client

I strictly use fresh produce, natural juices, quality spices, vinegars and oils, no additives or funny sounding chemicals, to ensure the authenticity of "homemade" is maintained and preserved.  Besides, Mother Nature has always known best, so I’ll stick with what she provides.  ;)  

Key Features

  • E-Commerce integration for sale of Salsa products
  • Drupal Content Management system integration
  • Fully customized design and website layout
  • Responsive website layout
  • Complete branding development
  • Product labeling design
  • Custom option for pick-up orders
  • Professional photography and product shots
  • Animated slideshow for product showcase
  • Complex content types and blogging feature