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Today's Big Question:

Why Do I Need a Responsive Website in Denver?

While all types of online marketing continue to expand, the importance of designing a mobile-friendly website now dominates discussions related to website development. Search engines are registering record growth in the numbers of users relying on mobile devices to conduct their online searches. That means websites not structured to take advantage of the trend are suffering, with their page rankings rapidly dropping. At SiteWired, we're fully aware of the trend and design sites structured to take advantage of the growth in mobile device growth while, at the same time, retaining features necessary for viewing a site on larger screens. There are several considerations needing to be recognized when developing mobile-friendly sites.

Mobile Device Users Tend to Be Task-Focused

When a mobile device user visits a site, they're not likely to be simply browsing—they're there for a specific purpose. A well-designed site recognizes that fact and makes it easy for the visitor to quickly locate and navigate to the information they need. Mobile users also then to be somewhat fickle. If the site takes too long to load or if navigating to the necessary information is awkward, they tend to quickly abandon the site and go elsewhere to spend their money. Well-designed sites, on the other hand, provide the experience buyers want.

Mobile Device Users are Buyers!

Statistics indicate site visitors using mobile devices tend to convert to buyers. That's why Mobile Friendly Websites Denver are so important. Bottom line profits are solid evidence of success, and at SiteWired enhancing your bottom line is our goal. We design and test sites for our clients to ensure they work the way they're supposed to and are convenient for users. Responsive website design Denver ensures your site is easily seen and navigated by all users but focuses on the increasing prevalence of mobile devices.

Today's Mobile Apps are Used for Business

Mobile users frequently take advantage of websites to verify information even while shopping at brick-and-mortar locations. Price checking is only one use of mobile devices, suggesting providing product details online will tend to enhance a customer's shopping experience. Industry statistics indicate 70 percent of customers routinely check a mobile-friendly site to verify information when making buying decisions. When your site is well designed, your customers easily locate and evaluate any information they need. Conversely, sites that are not mobile-friendly tend to push shoppers to competitors' sites. Which type of site would you prefer to have?

For Maximum Returns, Differentiate Yourself From Competitors

Differentiating your site from those of competitors can, and often does, determine how successful the website will be. The majority of websites today still have not made the changes necessary to provide a quality experience for mobile device users. That's an opportunity for your website to shine in a sea of lackluster sites. Speed is always important, and mobile device users tend to jump to another site quickly if a page fails to open in about three seconds. Appearance is also important, and sites not optimized for viewing on mobile devices tend to drive visitors to competitors' sites. SiteWired's design team carefully crafts sites that encourage visitors to stay on your site and buy rather than simply shop.

Are you still asking, "Why do I Need a Mobile-Friendly Website?" If you are, we're here to provide the answers. It's also important to realize online marketing strategies are quickly evolving. A site that appeared to be effective in the past likely needs attention to meet the demands of today's users. We're here to make sure your site is always up-to-date and generating the returns your business needs.