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Increasing Conversions

Businesses that sell products and services or offer information from their website know that web traffic is the lifeblood of any website. Without the proper amount of traffic, a website is little more than an informational brochure. It can also be a costly brochure, as professional websites are relatively expensive to design and implement. Traffic not withstanding, the true goal of a website that offers products and services to the consumer is to create the website in such a way that encourages conversions with multiple calls-to-action. This often requires the services of experts in Conversion Rate Optimization.

What is Conversion

A "Conversion" for a website is turning a visitor into a customer. This is important because while traffic to a website is essential, as products and services will likely not be sold unless people can go somewhere and buy them, high levels of traffic without turning those people into customers isn't going to do a business much good. Fortunately, there are services that specialize in Conversion Rate Optimization that can help a website turn visitors into valued and sometimes long-term customers. The question is, how do these services achieve higher conversion rates?

Home Pages and Landing Pages

Businesses that operate a website will have a home page. These pages are where visitors that have done a web search for a given product or service find themselves when they click on a search engine link. A poorly designed website will have their searches dump all visitors to the home page.

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In reality, it's better to have them sent to a landing page designed specifically for each specific product and service. This means that if the visitor to the website is looking for a specific product, clicking on the link will send them to the landing page of that product. This makes it easier for the potential customer to see exactly what they want, and it also improves the chance of converting them to a potential buyer.

Use of Call to Action Phrases

Whether it's a landing page, a homepage or anything else, call to action phrases are important. Call to action phrases can be something as simple as recommending a customer buy a particular product or service immediately. These prompts are typically found at the end of a product or service description.

The problem is that too many call to action phrases can turn off a potential customer. That's why optimization services will filter through the website and determine where these phrases are being overused and they will strategically place them to make the most impact without being overbearing.

A Professional Website That is Easy to Use

It's important to ensure that your company website is clear, professional and easy to navigate. Black backgrounds with neon colors or flashing banners may seem good when the website was first designed, but in actuality, these types of websites are distracting to visitors and potential customers.


Reduce "Required" Customer Information

Contact Forms

Many times, companies will ask for basic personal information from a visitor or someone who is considering purchasing a product or service. However, websites often ask for too much information and this is somewhat off-putting to a new visitor and a new potential customer.

While optimizing your user experience, you may want to reduce the amount of information that is required from a customer on your contact forms. You obviously want to be sure the correct amount of information is entered by the user to help your business with processing orders or creating customer databases. However, you'll want to make sure that it's not so much, that it turns off the visitor enough to where they go to a competitor's website for what they're looking for.

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Delivering a Clear Message

Lastly, as it relates to landing pages, as well as about us pages, the message must be clear. Often times, people can read about a company or they can read about particular products and services provided by the company, and be somewhat confused as to what the company is actually offering. It's a common mistake that's made, but it's one that can be rectified with a bit of scrutiny. Optimization firms will look at landing pages and at the entirety of the website to make sure that there is a unifying message. They'll also ensure that the message is relayed throughout the entire website.

As you can see, conversion is important as it improves the bottom line of the business. Most people think that, statistically speaking, the more people that visit the website, the more conversions the website will create. Unfortunately, if the website isn't especially tailored to conversion, a business can have millions of visitors and virtually no sales. Fortunately, optimization service firms can go through website point by point and determine what changes need to be made in order to optimize conversions and turn the casual visitor into a paying customer.

  • We start this process by looking at what type of traffic is going to what pages on the website. It is tantamount that each web page is getting visits from the best sources. Your products or services should have their own landing pages to optimize. 
  • By reducing visual distractions on your landing pages as to focus the user on the call to action that will turn them into your next potential client or customer.
  • On your landing pages, it is important to make sure that the messaging is clear and phrase matches the search that would lead a visitor to the page to begin with.