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Developing an effective Campaign Strategy

Target Your Audience

Think about who your campaign needs to reach, and get an idea of who your target audience is, but consider the following questions.

  • What problems does my company solve?
  • What kinds of people have these problems?
  • What kinds of customers do I want to attract?
  • Where do my customers live?
  • How do my customers prefer to interact with my company?

Answering these questions, with the help of analytics, can shape both the message of your campaign and the methods you use to deliver it. For example, if your customers are mostly young smartphone users, popular social media platforms can be effective tools in a marketing campaign. To reach an older demographic, on the other hand, you may get better results from direct emails. Targeting a specific audience will save time and maximize the results of your efforts.

Be Creative

Use Both Online And Offline Strategies

Your customers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages. Billboards, radio ads, TV commercials, print ads, promotional emails, and sponsored search results, to name just a few, are all clamoring for their attention. How can you get attention to your campaign? Humor, tone, and images can work together to create a clever and memorable message. Another way to make your message unique is to focus on your brand's story—how it came to be or what its goals are for the future—and incorporate that story into your Campaign Strategy.

Now that the internet is at everyone's fingertips, no company can afford to ignore digital marketing. Email Marketing, social media, and search engine optimization are important to any brand's success. However, it would be a mistake to ignore offline marketing strategies because your brand needs to be visible on all the platforms that can reach your target audience. Some companies forget this fact in their enthusiasm for digital marketing, and you may even be able to take advantage of an overall decrease in offline marketing competition in your industry. The key to an effective Campaign Strategy is to make sure your message is consistent both online and offline. However, you also want to avoid repeating the same message. Instead, use each channel as a distinct part of the same conversation.

Track Your Campaign's Success

In order to track the results of your campaign, make sure to lead your target audience to actionable results. In other words, give them a specific task to complete, like signing up for a newsletter, liking and sharing a social media post, or registering for a free trial of a product. These actions provide data you can track and quantify. This can help you to evaluate the success of a campaign and revise your strategies for future campaigns.