Why Is My Business Website Not Generating Leads?

Losing leads from your website design

When putting your business on the web, business owners will spend a lot of time and money, to ensure they have a presence that will represents them well. Particularly, if you have websites for services, the quality of your site reflects the quality of your work. 

It’s obvious that a great website is the foremost method for many businesses to gain an online presence, whether it’s a startup or a company with a well established client base. Websites are simply a professional tool that any serious business has to invest in, in addition to having their social media pages.

However, it’s important to know that most template looking website designs fail to impress and convert the visitors into customers.

So, if your business website is not generating leads, in spite of having a great design, here are some things to consider:

Poor Website Layout:

A ‘simple and clean’ website is often your best bet. A website with a busy layout or difficult to use navigation is almost always a problem, and this may not be obvious right away. If your website’s layout is not intuitive, and easy to use, your visitors will likely never convert into customers.  

Slow Loading Times:

Website speed is one of the biggest factors in why your visitors may or may not be contacting you. If your website takes longer than 3 to 5 seconds to load, the majority of your new visitors will bounce before the page has even loaded. Can you blame them? A slow load time means your website is wasting their time. 

Obsolete Content: 

Content that is copied verbatim from another source, written with poor grammar or is simply inaccurate in representing your business, will also cause visitors to leave. Google additionally frowns upon copied written content and can penalize you for it, dropping you in the rankings severely.

Irrelevant Content:

Creating website content that is irrelevant from the products or services you, in an effort to have more pages, will not help you for many reasons. Although it is true that having more content can help your rankings improve, having content that simply doesn’t make sense will only confuse consumers, but Google can see this and penalize you for it. No matter how beautiful your site is, your content has to be congruent.

Broken Links:

Broken links lead to a page that comes up as ‘404’ or ‘page not found’ when you click them. Links like this annoy your visitors, as they can’t find your content, and they will likely leave because of it. You must test your links thoroughly, and use analytics tools to make sure that all your links work.

No Contact Form:

If you do not have a clear or easily findable ‘contact us’ page, how can you expect customers to contact you? This ‘call to action’ button should be readily available, on every page of your site, whether in the navigation or a button on the page. 

An Egocentric Website:

When a visitor comes to your website, they are looking for information to solve a problem, find a service or purchase a product. If your website does not talk enough about their needs, and instead only boasts about your accomplishments, they aren’t likely the buy. Customers want to know that you care about them and their needs first!

If you’re site isn’t performing well, consider looking at it from the ground up, considering all these factors. A top notch Denver web design company, can help you deeper understand why your site may not be bringing in leads and help you solve the problem.