When is a High Bounce Rate a Good Thing?

When is a High Bounce Rate a Good Thing?

Search engine optimization (SEO) analyzes many things about your website to find ways to improve search engine rankings. This week we're going to explain ways to examine bounce rate and make decisions based on this info.

What is a Bounce Rate?

Sometimes a user will navigate to a webpage of yours, but will then leave the website to look at a different site. In web traffic analysis terms, this is called a "bounce". The bounce rate is simply the percentage of visitors that bounce away from your site. At first glance, a bounce seems like the exact opposite behavior you'd like to see from visitors. However, it truly deserves a closer look to determine the reason a person left your site.

The Good and the Bad

It seems pretty obvious why a bounce would be a "bad thing". Let's do some investigating to find some positive reasons a person only viewed one page on your website.

Proper web design for Denver websites sculpts the user interface to improve user experience and make navigating simple. Don't forget that not every user reaches one of your pages through the navigation tools you've provided! Let's say that your website has a page of frequently asked questions, contact information, or pricing. A user that bounces from these pages may have found the exact information they were looking for. How can we tell?

Web traffic analysis statistics will often include an average time for a page view. Basically, it's just the time the users spent reading or looking at the page. If the average time is hovering around a few minutes, you know that the visitor is taking a look at your content and using it. It's also a great idea to set up tracking for things like page printing. It'll give you a great insight into usage.

For websites outfitted with advertisements or affiliate links, don't forget that a high bounce rate and low page view time may actually be generating you revenue if they're using these ads and links.

What do I do with These Statistics?

  • Root out the pages with high bounce rates and poor performance. Consider rewriting the content or promoting the page to get more mileage out of your website.
  • Get to work! Try regularly updating those pages using your content management system
  • Deleting a page should be a last resort. Every page gives your website valuable keywords for search engines.

Running out of ideas? We've been doing web design in Denver for years, and our custom web designs will help improve your average page view times.