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How To Maintain Your Drupal Website’s Security

Drupal, an open source content management system, is the website development platform used for about 2.2 percent of the websites across the...

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Advantages of Website Security

It is important to ensure the security of each website and the information it contains. When a user visits a site that has protocols like HTTPS or SSL, they can rest assured the site is protected because it ensures data protection. As with any change that affects a website, its implementation...

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How Important is Your Websites Security? How to Keep Your Company Better Protected

How Important is Your Websites Security? That would depend on how important success is to the business owner. It is very important if a hacked website will expose client names and personal information or allows the hacker to infiltrate the business accounts. However, it is still important even...

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Reduce Vulnerability With Improved Website Security

Nearly any business with more than a handful of employees requires the use of a computer system. Offices that require office productivity software often rely on servers and a rather complex network. Once a company grows to a certain size, they most likely have a website that allows customers and...