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great website tips

Tips For Building a Business Website

Building a website for your business can be daunting, especially if you have little or no knowledge about web design. Nonetheless, having a website that accurately and elegantly represents you on the web is extremely important. Your...

Drupal CMS

Using Drupal As Your Content Management System

If you’re looking to build a website and plan on hiring a web design/internet marketing agency, chances are you’re starting to hear a lot of technical terms: Content Management System (or CMS), hosting and servers, domain...

Losing leads from your website design

Why Is My Business Website Not Generating Leads?

When putting your business on the web, business owners will spend a lot of time and money, to ensure they have a presence that will represents them well. Particularly, if you have websites for services, the quality of your site reflects the quality of your work. 

It’s obvious that a great...

Web Design Trends 2016

8 Denver Web Design Trends for 2016

Changing times and evolving technology always bring new Web Design tips and trends, and 2016 was no different. As 2017 approaches, lists of web design forecasts for the next year are already making the rounds. To add to the list, below are several web design aspects to look for in the New Year....

Business Web Design Denver

Make The Most Out Of Your Next Business Web Design Project

Web design can come in many shapes and sizes. From personal websites for family photos, to business websites that promote services or products, websites can reach audiences for any topic needed. While many people create websites on their own, not all companies, businesses, or even individuals...

Website Redesign Denver

Getting a Denver Website Redesign:

Questions to Ask Before Getting Started

A website redesign is inevitable. At some point, in the life of the website, things are going to need to change. The confines and scale of that redesign is where things will differ- and drastically. While one redesign could mean a minor c0olor palette...

Complete Web Soplutions

Complete Web Solutions with an Astounding Website Design in Denver

A website is very significant for any businesses to prolong in the extremely competitive online market. In today’s hi-tech world, a business devoid of a website loses all the marketing compensation. Therefore, every organization, large or small ought to have an original and ingenious website to...

Flat Design Will Continue in 2015

Flat Design Will Continue in 2015

Web development revolves around starting and latching onto trends, and the flat design dominance won't be going away anytime soon.

What is Flat Design?

Minimalist design with simple, clear interfaces and flat illustrations are the hallmarks of flat design. Menu navigation is often paired...

Mobile Accessibility

Web Design Considerations for Improving Accessibility

Hours upon hours are spent refining and simplifying code, multiple wireframe designs are tweaked to near-perfection, and user experience (UX) teams constantly research user interaction with their upcoming website launch.

It's pretty common to get lost in the rush to provide a client with...

Improve Page Load Times with CSS Optimization

Improve Page Load Times with CSS Optimization

Here at SiteWired we've previously discussed the importance of speedy loading times when developing a new website for our customers. Every web designer's goal is to deliver an engaging layout with the perfect user interface (UI). However, connection speeds and processor power vary greatly...