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Product Thinking Redefines the User Experience-UX

There's an old marketing phrase: "Sell the sizzle, not the steak." While this phrase should have been coined by a chef, it actually originated during the "go-go" years of the 1980s by stockbrokers. They learned that cold-calling prospects didn't really want to know all the facts about a company...

Website User Interface Design

Important Considerations in Website User Interface Design

Website design consists of more than just throwing words on an internet page and making it public. There are multiple factors that must be considered in layout, design, and publication. Anyone can publish a website, but it will likely be unsuccessful without proper planning. One must also...

The Psychology of Your Web Visitors

The Psychology of Your Web Visitors

User experience (UX) is a broad term referring to a visitor's interaction with your website. It's become a core of web design in Denver and the rest of the country. We've all visited flash-heavy sites with amazing graphic design and...