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Website Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) refers to an internet marketing strategy designed to increase the percentage of website visitors that convert or take the desired action on a particular web page. It’s somewhat like the strategies used in a supermarket to sell a certain product by placing it at eye level rather than on the bottom shelf. You want to make it easy for the visitor to complete the desired action. CRO encompasses many different factors and can range from simple tweaks to improve a fairly good page to a complete redesign of a web page.

What’s the Average Conversion Rate?

Every industry has a different conversion rate, which is the most important benchmark to consider. For example, dating websites rank the lowest at 2.75% while finance/insurance converts the highest at an average 7.19%. Over all industries, the average AdWords conversion rate is 2.7% and the average Google Display Network conversion rate is 0.89%.

However, don’t pay too much attention to averages. Your business is unique and has the potential to convert at a much higher rate. Even a website that is currently converting fairly well can always be improved. The only conversion rate that really matters is “better than the last one.”

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Use the Right Keywords

There are browsers and there are buyers. People searching for a specific item or service tend to search with fairly specific long tail keywords. For example, someone thinking about getting a new pair of running shoes might search on just “running shoes,” but someone ready to buy right now could search on “running shoes men size 11 wide.” Long tail keywords tend to be use by people motivated to take action today. These are the keywords to optimize and bid on.

Identify your target demographic

What makes a keyword the “right” keyword is that it is selected to attract a specific group of potential customers. For example, the best target demographic for HVAC businesses are baby boomers, those aged 55-64. A local business often wants location-specific keywords. Identify where the current business is coming from and other markets to expand into. Analyze the traffic data so that the website, ad copy and keywords are targeted on the best prospects.

Optimizing Landing Pages

Books have been written about optimizing landing pages to improve conversion rates. After all, that’s the whole point of a landing page. One of the most critical points to keep in mind is that conversion is tightly linked to using the right keywords. The visitor arrived on the page because they typed a specific search term. If the page does not immediately appear to offer the answer they’re looking for, they’ll abandon the page and the lead or sale will go to a competitor.

There are many different factors that could influence conversions on a landing page, including:

  • Clean, attractive design: Clutter conveys the opposite of professionalism and trustworthiness, implying a lack of concern and sloppiness. The design on all pages should remain consistent to the brand, presenting a unified experience to the visitor.
  • A striking, compelling headline: Take the time to create an interesting headline that is relevant to your keyword and compels prospects to remain on the page. For example, headlines including numbers (Top 5, 3 Best) can do well.
  • Clear, concise content: Communicate the offering as clearly as possible, addressing the keywords linked to that demographic or ad group.
  • Identifying top sellers: Marking an item as the “Best Seller” or “Most Popular” can increase conversions.
  • Eye-catching call-to-action (CTA) button: Ensure that the CTA button is attention-grabbing, uses focused text that offers a benefit (such as “Yes, I want …) and seems “clickable.”
  • Placing a “click trigger” near the CTA button: Click triggers could include “free shipping,” a key benefit or “money back guarantee.” The intent is to increase the comfort level of the decision-maker.
  • Simplified, easy to use capture form: Don’t overwhelm visitors by requesting too much information. Only ask for that information that is absolutely essential.
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A/B Testing is Essential

Even experts can be surprised by the results of A/B testing. Sometimes an “improved” page won’t test as well as the original. Sometimes a simple change to a title or button can produce a dramatic improvement. Even pages that were producing well can experience an unexplained decline in conversions (unfortunately, that’s much more common than an unexplained increase). The point is that there’s no way to know what works and what doesn’t without testing, a never-ending process.

It can take a lot to of work to turn traffic into sales, but improving your Conversion Rate Optimization Denver is worth the time and effort. Expert assistance can identify website problems and make the precise, targeted changes that will compel visitors to take action. The future of your business could depend upon it.


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