Three Local Link Building Ideas

Three Local Link Building Ideas

Local businesses are always looking for ways to earn backlinks with other companies based in Denver.  Here are a few ideas to get you excited about building new relationships with movers in your local industry and high authority websites around the globe.

Create a Local Event

Event types will vary based on your business and products, but you’d be surprised at how often simple events can be picked up by local news and community websites. Fundraisers, raffles, auctions, and annual celebrations can all be an excellent way to build up more links. After the first few initial links, observe how quickly other local websites will pick up on the event.

Sponsor a Large Local Event

You may not have the budget to put together an enormous marathon fundraiser in your area, but you always have the option of sponsoring and donating to the event. Make a list of some of the largest events in your community that receive widespread news attention and target the ones that fit your business and goals.

Contact Manufacturers of any Related Goods

If you sell a manufacturers product, odds are you can be included in a list of local retailers on their website. It adds value to their website for anyone in that region, and you’ll often receive a direct backlink from a high authority website by contacting them.

If you consistently use a manufacturers product, your best bet is to start off with a link to the product’s main website. Keep your eyes open for any opportunities to earn backlinks with them through promotions or blog posts.