Smart Email Marketing Techniques Improve Customer Response

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a tool that every business and charitable organization must use. There is no viable reason for refusing to take part in this effective and potentially profitable marketing strategy. Many companies now neglect their email marketing because they have focused on social media platforms instead. There is no question that social media offers a lot of potential to businesses that want to gain exposure and introduce themselves to new segments of the population, but that does not mean that email is no longer relevant. Statistics show that consumers are more likely to take advantage of coupons and offers that are emailed to them rather than those placed on social media.

It is understandable that some business owners may hesitate because of the somewhat complex system of SEOs and click-through rates that determine the success of online marketing. Producing the right content takes time and effort. However, there are some very easy to understand tips that can help people to make their marketing a little more effective.

Add Personal Touches

Recipients are more apt to open, read and react as the sender desires when they receive email that is pertinent to them. Personalizing by using names rather than sending mail that relates to their hobbies, past purchases and other interests is a common practice that often results in failure. Phishing and scam email often refers to the recipient as, "Dear Sir or Madame" or may even add the recipient's name. Seeing this causes many people to delete the email immediately before determining its purpose.

Keep it Small

Use small GIFs and keep notes and newsletters short. Links can direct readers to online content for more information. The benefit is that people will read and adsorb the entire message before losing interest. Another point to remember is that nearly half of all accounts are now accessed through mobile devices. Long newsletters and large pictures and graphics slow down the time it takes for the email to open. If it takes too long the recipient may not bother waiting.

Update the Lists

Email lists need to be edited regularly, and not just to add more subscribers. Unsubscribe people when they no longer click-through, take advantage of offers or are not reading the messages that are sent. Continuing to send information risks having the company gain the reputation as a spam site and this will reduce interest from potential new customers over time. Sending offers to reactivate an account prior to deleting the address permanently is acceptable and is a good way to let the customer know the company is interested in their opinion.

Have it Monitored

An important Denver Email Marketing Strategy is to use multiple custom metrics that determine the effectiveness of each action. Without this type of statistical data it is impossible to know what is working and what has failed. It is easy to sabotage success when this information is not available.

Make Connecting Easy

No reply email addresses and not providing additional contact information make it difficult for people to connect with the company. Good communication requires accessibility. Offering discounts, free content and other giveaways helps to encourage the desire of the customer to connect and communicate. Time emails correctly as well. Content sent in the evening will elicit more responses since most people working during the day are not available to react or respond when they are hurriedly clicking through on their lunch break.

By developing an effective Email Marketing Strategy Denver businesses can build their client lists, improve on their customer relations and experience a better return on their investment. Spam emails, over-saturation of information to potential clients and an unwillingness to let go of messages and newsletters that are not working will only waste time and damage the reputation of the company.