SEO Value: Historical Optimization

SEO Value: Historical Optimization

Content creation and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand. Denver SEO firms will first target existing pages with authority for an overhaul to increase page value.

Perhaps the greatest consideration for an SEO overhaul is ROI within a marketing budget. That's why the best Denver SEO firms always have a look at current pages, and it follows that blog posts can offer just as much value.

Blast from the Past

Any proper blog will keep on top of time-sensitive industry news, market developments, and events. However, there's plenty of blog content that can be updated to become relevant again. This is the perfect opportunity to reassess keywords and tags that can be retrofitted onto your current SEO campaign.

Naturally, you won't be targeting past blog posts that didn't generate the traffic you were hoping for. This has the beneficial effect of trimming down the posts worth consideration and speeds up the updates.

When is Historical Optimization the Right Choice?

First things first, an updated post should only be done in addition to your regular blog posts with fresh content. Also, keep in mind that you'll need current, significant organic search traffic on your established blog. If your blog meets these criteria, take advantage of this opportunity to branch out into search traffic and authority growth. Get your SEO content writers on the hunt for valuable blog pages which can continue contributing to your SEO efforts