SEO in Denver: Avoiding SEO Penalties with Google's AdSense

SEO in Denver: Avoiding SEO Penalties with Google's AdSense

Google's AdSense is a simple way to incorporate user-targeted ads for generating income. Google also announced back in April that a mobile-friendly website is required for your SEO campaign.

Unfortunately, improper implementation of AdSense on your website can potentially do more harm than good. Today we're going to cover a common mistake which may be punishing your website in search rankings.

Mobile Ad Placement Policy Violations

The Internet has a long history of tricky ways to boost ad income. The temptation to encourage accidental ad clicks is even greater on mobile screens. They have much less real estate, and a person's thumb is far less precise than a mouse.

Google wants to discourage these practices and punish websites trying to artificially inflate ad income. Google's long list of AdSense placement policies is worth a thorough read for proper web design and SEO.

Keep Content Above the Fold

The "fold" is a term borrowed from newspaper printing. "Above the fold" in web design refers to anything visible on a user's screen without scrolling.

One of the most common mistakes with AdSense deals with ad unit sizes. Many websites have not yet been completely optimized for mobile devices. If a user navigates to one of your pages with AdSense ads, they may be so large that they push your actual content below the fold. The user is unable to see your main content, and Google will penalize you in search results.

The solution to this and the other myriad of policies to follow is simple—rely on a team of SEO and web design professionals to keep your website multi-screen ready. Have a look at our responsive web design practices to learn more.