Preparing for Google's Mobile-Friendly Search

Preparing for Google's Mobile-Friendly Search

Google believes finding mobile-friendly search results needs a shot in the arm, and your website needs to prepare for the upcoming changes.

The Future of Web Searches

The meteoric rise in mobile device usage has already been addressed by responsible web design teams in Denver. Responsive web design has long been vital in providing users with a proper user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) adjusted for their screen size, bandwidth, and screen resolution.

In a way, the Google search algorithm update simply increases the return-on-investment for your business when revamping your website with responsive code and design elements. You'll be making your users happier, and your website will be increasing visibility in search results at the same time.

Verifying Mobile-Friendly Status with Google

On the technical side of things, it's not enough to implement responsive design. You'll need to adhere to Google's algorithm "rules" to be sure you're ranking highly on mobile device searches.

Check out Google's Mobile-Friendly Websites Guide for best practices when updating your website. Also be sure to try out Google's Mobile-Friendly Test for a quick analysis of URLs to be sure everything is in place.