Pitfall of Building Backlink Relationships

Pitfall of Building Backlink Relationships

After launch, the hard work of crawling up the search results begins with a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign. The real legwork of any SEO campaign begins with building backlinks with authority websites.

Good Intentions, Poor Results

Smaller businesses establishing their web presence for the first time have an uphill battle. Links from well-established, high-authority websites in the industry are unlikely at first. The main goal is to reach out to niche, influential websites run by bloggers, reviewers, and enthusiasts.

Imagine a new website running a backlink campaign to multiple influencers across the web. The new website successfully builds a relationship with most of these influencers and earns a number of backlinks. Expectations are high for improved search rankings, but the actual rankings are less than stellar. What happened?

Not All Backlinks are Equal

A distinction must be made between the influence and quality of a website in your market, and that website’s search engine authority. You may increase traffic from links on a popular bloggers website. However, the blogger’s site may not adhere to SEO best practices and actually be viewed as a low-authority website by popular search engines like Google.

The takeaway here is that you must select your backlink partners carefully. Do your research and investigate their website’s search engine authority beforehand. If they have poor authority but you still place high value on a partnership, then consider alerting their webmasters of poor SEO techniques and send them the code for nofollow links to avoid search ranking penalties on your own website.