Marketing with Interactive Web Design

Marketing with Interactive Web Design

Far too many websites remain static over long periods of time. The pages stay the same, the layout stays the same, and the occasional page update rolls out monthly. While many users will continually visit for valuable news/info updates, Denver web designers need to consider more one-off events to keep regular visitors interested. These events are perfect for integrating into your next marketing campaign.

Involve the User to Make a Lasting Impression

Most people can remember that feeling of boredom when attempting to memorize something straight out of a textbook at school. Education has made great strides in improving interactivity and hands-on experiences, and web design in Denver ought to follow suit.

The key is to take it a step beyond point-and-click marketing pages. Even if your design requires users to think a bit deeper before clicking, they’re still far too familiar with such a simple interaction. Get them interested graphically, and then get them involved by requesting input.

YouTube’s 10th Anniversary Quiz

YouTube wanted its users to reminisce about the last decade of viral videos and helpful how-to clips, so they came up with a fantastic quiz to celebrate the 10 years of creativity. Each user is tested on their past knowledge of popular videos, and the answer involves a click-drag of a graphic element. Following the answer, a fun fact is displayed along with an example video.

This is a brilliant synthesis of user interaction, user recollection and linking to present content, and it reinforces YouTube’s design philosophy. Best of all, it helps build brand loyalty by reminding users of their history and daily interaction with YouTube.


A recently released film, Ex-Machina, began its branding with a promotional website allowing users to interact with the main robot character of the film. The whole plot revolves around artificial intelligence, so it was a stroke of genius to have users actively converse with the robot about what to expect in the upcoming film. It even goes a step further with a futuristic webcam drawing of your face and more.

This promo website was so successful solely because it made the user get involved from the start. A personal connection is made with the picture, and it further spirals onto social media with picture shares.

Bottom line: a single online event that entertains, engages and makes a personal connection with a user can be the secret to making your business’s brand go viral.