Making the Most out of Animations in Web Design

Animations in Web Design

It's a great way to flex your "design muscle", but responsible and targeted use of animations is the true sign of a great web designer. Today we're going to highlight three extremely important tips for using animation correctly throughout your website.

Animate for a Reason

Some of your users are mobile, and some of your users are on less-than-ideal connections. Every element with an animation takes that much longer to load. Do your users a favor and only animate a user interface (UI) element if it helps them identify navigation or usability elements.

Make it Quick

Each and every time you decide to add in an animation, try it out at twice the animation speed. Keep repeating the process and see just how fast you can run it without losing functionality. Your repeat users looking at your web pages every day will care less and less about those five second animations and may even see them as a hindrance.

Give Users an On/Off Switch

Always give your users the chance to modify their user experience (UX) according to their tastes or needs. Someone with fatigued eyes or health concerns may skip your website all together if they can't control flashy animations. Giving users more power is a great way to show that your website puts visitors' needs first.