Improving SEO and Customer Confidence with Web Design

Improving SEO and Customer Confidence with Web Design

Comprehensive web design in Denver involves a heavy initial investment with a slower return than most expect. Search engine optimization (SEO) takes time to take effect on the most popular search engines and can be an uphill battle for businesses attempting to create their first web presence.

Quick Access to Relevant Information

Multiple studies have shown that web visitors immediately trust websites with intuitive, simple access to the exact information they seek. They’ll quickly opt to look for another website with better information and design in a matter of minutes. Your web design needs to reflect your dedication to customer service and pursuit of excellence.

Navigation menus, written content, and informative videos ought to be included in a user interface and web design that makes the user a priority. The benefits are threefold: search engine rankings will improve with SEO-ready content, visitor traffic and confidence will increase, and other authoritative websites will be more willing to participate in backlinking campaigns.

Include Trust Logos and Symbols

Never assume your reputation or security features are widely known. Any awards, special industry recognition, or press releases make great content and should be prominently displayed. New visitors and potential backlink partners will take notice. However, proper web design will incorporate these plaudits visibly but tastefully. Plastering every page with awards banners looks unprofessional.

Of special note are seals and symbols provided by well-known security and privacy groups. Any website including secure pages or online ordering will want to let users know about VeriSign certification. Likewise, many savvy users these days take their privacy seriously. Make it a priority to achieve and display TRUSTe certification to let your users know their sensitive private information is being handled with care.