Improving Loading Times with Lazy Load XT

Improving Loading Times with Lazy Load XT

Basically, any images not on the screen of a user will not be loaded until they scroll down to that part of the page. It's a fantastic way for Denver web design teams to code a page for speed.

Main Advantages

Web development will widely vary depending on the website and needs of the users. Lazy Load is mainly used for images, but it can also be applied to many other JavaScript elements on a page like widgets.

Web design for mobile users is at the top of the list these days, and there's no better way to save your visitors time and data usage than loading elements on demand.

Use with Care!

Any use of JavaScript always has downsides. Certain users block JavaScript in their browser, but this is a common consideration for any design decision. Users consciously blocking JavaScript know enough about website design to enable it for certain browsing sessions.

Advanced implementation of Lazy Load XT may involve