How to Increase E-mail Opt-In Rates

How to Increase E-mail Opt-In Rates

Once you’ve finalized web design elements and launched your website, it’s time to focus on advertising campaigns to raise web traffic and conversion rates. Whether you’ve planned exclusive sales events, product giveaways, or visitor-created content contests, the key to turning these promotions into conversions is unique e-mail addresses.

What Convinces a Visitor to Provide Contact Information?

You’re marketing team has come up with a targeted promotion everyone is convinced is the best step forward. It’s time to create a landing page or contact page to start collecting user information for the campaign. Unfortunately, even the best Denver web design firms commit the cardinal sin of coding the page to open the user’s e-mail program and expect the user to follow through by clicking “send”.

The user waits 10-30 seconds for the e-mail program to open, becomes immediately turned off, and doesn’t provide any contact details 99.9% of the time. However, proper coding will incorporate clean, in-browser contact fields on the page and include Javascript feedback to the user that the submission was successful. It’s quick, it’s simple, and it’s industry-standard.

Managing E-Mail Opt-Ins with a Plugin

Luckily, there’s a new development plugin to make the creation and management of opt-ins a breeze. Bloom gives you a myriad of options like automatic pop-ups or fly-ins virtually anywhere on the page in reaction to scrolling, time, or further user interaction. Creating and placing the opt-in forms is fully customizable with an array of templates, options, and full widget compatibility.

The control afforded by Bloom allows your design team to eliminate all user experience (UX) barriers between your campaign and the e-mail addresses required to generate more conversions.