Google and Twitter Bringing Tweets to Search Results

Google and Twitter Bringing Tweets to Search Results

Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been focused on mobile optimization and compatibility. SEO campaigns will now need to step up mobile efforts after recent announcements. Google and Twitter have recently unveiled a partnership that adds current Tweets to real-time mobile searches through Google's app or mobile browsers. They've also announced plans to include Tweets in desktop searches in the near future. 

How Do the Searches Work?

As we've all come to expect from Google, lips are sealed on the inner-workings of any algorithms including Tweets in a search. SEO and web design firms in Denver are hard at work testing search results, but it will be some time before any hard data can lead to conclusions.

However, both companies have placed emphasis on real-time content in their statements. Twitter thrives on lightning fast posts and viral popularity, so it's a sure bet that timing will be everything. Trending hashtags also seem like a sure bet when it comes to parsing Tweets for inclusion in a search.

How Should Website Owners and Businesses Respond?

First things first—if you don't have a Twitter presence, there's absolutely no excuse left to be behind the times. Set up an account yesterday! Secure that valuable username and upload some eye-popping images to brighten up your user page.

Then, check out our whitepapers for guidance on how to include social media campaigns in your web design and site. Most importantly, remember that staying current and on top of trends or news events is vital. The split second an opportunity presents itself, you'll need to already have a strategy in place for what to Tweet and which hashtags to include.