Google Analytics: Interpreting Exit Rate and Bounce Rate

Interpreting Exit Rate and Bounce Rate

After launching a website, every Denver web design firm will recommend beginning a full-scale SEO campaign. Keeping tabs on the effectiveness of search engine optimization often revolves around Google Analytics and the metrics it provides.

However, it's important to note these automated statistics require careful interpretation and extrapolation. Increasing ROI from your SEO efforts includes more than just following the reported numbers.

Exit Rate

Google defines an exit as the last pageview in a user's session on your website. At first glance, one might assume pages with a high exit rate are negatively impacting your website's performance.

It's far more fruitful to look at the big picture when examining individual page exit rates. For obvious reasons, a contact page with location information can be the last view before a customer visits or calls. Product/pricing pages don't always lead to conversions initially. A user comparing prices or considering purchasing something may very well view these pages multiple times before following through.

Keep an eye on landing pages or opt-in customer info pages. High exit rates aren't necessarily bad, but you'll want to track performance after edits to see how exit rates are changing.

Bounce Rate

A bounce occurs when a user views only one page in a session before leaving. Google's bounce rate metric really shines when it comes to advertising and keywords. Entrance pages will generally have a high bounce rate due to the nature of user habits, but it can indicate slow loading times or poor organization.

Any pages involved in your current marketing and ad campaign will also show increased bounce rates. Weigh this against conversions to determine the effectiveness of your ads.

One positive takeaway from a high bounce rate would be the likelihood of a user bookmarking a certain page. If the page is consistently updated with content or news, users may be satisfied with their view. These pages will inform new navigation layouts or improvements in link visibility on main pages.