A Goal-Oriented Approach to Content Marketing

A Goal-Oriented Approach to Content Marketing

Denver web development teams strive to provide you with a framework for accomplishing any goal your business might have. Determining your goals and forming a content marketing strategy requires diligent planning. Start by asking these three vital questions:

What are the goals for this web page?

You're wasting time and money by plopping any content you can think of on every page. Take a focused approach page by page before you start to consider any site-wide strategies. Why did you create a certain page? Is it essential information about your services? Do you want to garner e-mail subscribers for a newsletter or create hype for a one-time promotion? Now, take a moment to consider the user.

What is the visitor's goal?

The number one rule of content writing: Don't waste your visitor's time. Any click-through from a user is backed by an expectation of what they will see and read. Why would someone navigate to this page? Is this visitor looking for information or entertainment? How long would the average person expect to stay on this page to find what they're looking for?

How can the content achieve these goals?

A perfect balance to address your and the visitor's needs is what makes content marketing a tricky endeavor. If you focus too heavily on your goals, the user is left feeling like a statistic and will have no personal investment in the experience. Catering only to the user may drive web traffic, but your company's marketing dollars are going to waste. Check out this link for more information about Content Management Systems that give you a leg up when creating killer marketing content.