Getting the Most Out of your Calls-to-Action

Getting the Most Out of your Calls-to-Action

Signing up for monthly newsletters, inputting an e-mail address for contest entry, navigating to a landing page for a current sale—each of these CTAs requires user action.

For a web design team, there are a million different factors to consider when adding CTAs to a page. Everything needs to be attention-grabbing yet quickly identifiable by as many users as possible. Getting too fancy with custom icons or odd shapes can potentially deter a user from clicking through.

Design Basics of a Call-to-Action

More than anything, it has to be distinguishable from the rest of the page with slight color or brightness variations. A user ought to be able to immediately see the CTA and understand that a click will coincide with the page content. Including an element for a user to sign up for weekly blog updates on a product page is confusing and misleading.

It's also vital for a CTA to include only one action. Keep the focus narrow and make choices simple for the user. Use action words and phrases like "Shop Now" or "See Special Offers" for clarity.

Above all, stay flexible in your approach to CTA design. Each website has its own unique set of visitors with expectations and browsing behavior. It's great to get new ideas and inspiration from other websites, but keep in mind you'll need to tweak and refine the design to maximize response from your users.