External Links and SEO Usage

External Links and SEO Usage

While it might seem like an advertisement banner would qualify as an external link, Denver web design and SEO teams are looking for a different hyperlink to work with.

Often external links can be used as a strategy for earning backlinks from high authority sites. However, it’s also important to note that Google search results may in fact be positively influenced by external link presence.

Best practices to Consider While Building External Links

Not all hyperlinks are created equal, and Google will specifically penalize any websites that try any disingenuous link building. Specifically, Google lists excessive link exchanges as a negative factor in PageRank.

Keep this idea in mind before taking the following advice to heart. The entire point of an SEO campaign is to increase search rankings and page visibility. Taking advantage of every single opportunity to move up in search results is necessary, but your pages shouldn’t go overboard with numerous external links.

When and Where to Add External Links

First and foremost, adding an external link should be seen as a targeted strategy for competing over highly sought-after search phrases only. As such, you’ll need to analyze your SEO keyword count on individual pages. If you have a page fighting for keyword searches like “Denver web design”, external links and backlinks will be a key part of your SEO strategy for that page.

If you have certain pages targeting very narrow phrases with little competition, there’s no correlation in search data to confirm that external links will improve your page rank. Instead, it’s better to focus on content and keywords that will make it easier for users looking for your website in particular.

Have a look at the advantages of backlinking to get a better idea of how external links tie into your SEO campaign.