Denver Web Design Concepts: Micro User Experience (UX)

Denver Web Design Concepts: Micro User Experience (UX)

From a web development perspective, UX is a way of refining a website to be as engaging and pleasurable to visit as possible.

Micro UX takes a look at the tiny things on a website that can add up to make all the difference. It's especially vital for design- and concept-heavy websites trying to push an aesthetic with branding in mind. The best thing about micro UX is that once the design decisions have been made, they're usually extremely easy to code and incorporate in the website.

Preloading Animations in Web Design

Preloading animations—an easy start on a micro UX overhaul—can add that extra design touch to bring a whole website together. While it's best to avoid long page load times, there are certain pages with long animations or video content which simply cannot be optimized beyond a certain point.

Your options for preloading animations will vary depending on the page. Flash will normally allow for greater customizability and creativity, but not everyone has the budget for a design team and graphic artist.

Check out this tool for simple preloading animations which are simple to incorporate in your pages for the extra detail your website users will notice.