Creative Content with Integrated APIs

Creative Content with Integrated APIs

It's always exciting to see a new project that stretches the limits of what was previously thought possible. These new ideas get our creative juices flowing and make us excited about our next design challenge.

The Pulse of a City

Zaraguza, a Czech ad agency, recently launched Heineken City Symphony to great acclaim. The site is a navigable wireframe of the heart of Prague, complete with realtime train and tram movement, user-shared Instagram photos, Twitter tweets, FourSquare checkins, and registered locations serving the namesake beer.

Everything is marked with simple yet visually appealing icons which are populated along with a pleasing sound effect. As new data pops onto the map, you'll notice the sounds complement each other to create a unique soundtrack for your visit.

Our web designers loved the website, but we also admired three design decisions that really bring the whole project together. These decisions are universally applicable to any properly designed website.

Speedy Loading Times

Initially, it would be tempting to render the entire city with Google Earth data for a photorealistic look. Web designers are always tempted to throw in all the bells and whistles. The design team had the foresight and experience to focus on a simple wireframe 3D render and a smaller geographical area.

While it helps create a stylish and futuristic look, the main benefit here is quicker loading times. Advertising is the main goal, so making the site accessible to a wide range of users is essential. Make your design simpler and faster while creating a complete theme with a "wow" factor!

Integrate Social Media

Our web design highlight hits all the major social media websites. However, it takes the integration to a whole new level and makes it the heart of the project. Multiple social media sites supply the content while the site gives the users an engaging UI (user interface) to play around with.

An API (application programming interface) is like a collection of building blocks for developing programs and user interfaces. It's fantastic to see a creative use of multiple APIs from Facebook, Twitter, and more. Everything flows smoothly and quickly populates without overwhelming the user.

Engage Your Users

The most ingenious part of this website is its ability to draw users and visitors into content creation. Anyone is able to participate and pop up on the wireframe map. Even further, all of the content creation is handled by the social media websites.

Take this to heart when brainstorming for your next web marketing push. It's widely known that content is king. Many websites neglect to give the user a chance to get involved with what's happening on the website. Our design example is geared for advertising, but your website can always include community focus, comment sections, question and answer sessions with social media integration, landing pages with calls-to-action, and more. Always give the user a chance to personally engage with your content!