Brand Messaging: Why It’s Essential to Your Website

Brand Messaging: Why It’s Essential to Your Website

It’s hard to construct a house without a blueprint and the same can be said about your website development and brand messaging. Brand messaging is an essential piece of any successful business’s marketing plan and has long been regarded by industry experts as integral for all marketing materials. In essence, brand messaging is a written guideline dictating exactly what value your business provides to whom. It embodies everything that motivates, inspires and eventually persuades potential customers to choose your brand over a competitor’s.

To ask a developer or website design agency to create the structure, esthetic and content for your site without brand messaging to draw from, is a recipe for a generic finished product. No one knows your brand like you do, so it’s your job as a business  to  define how you want to appear to the world before tackling website design. Here are a few reasons why:


One thing brand messaging serves to establish that becomes important during website development is the overall mood and feel of your brand. It’s a good idea to include a layout of your business’s logo and corporate colors as a part of the branding process. This will then be used to inform your choice of colors, margins, typefaces and other visual customizations that will make your website unique.


Brand messaging also informs web content. Without a clear description of what value your brand provides and your vision for client relationships, it is exceedingly difficult to create engaging, unique web content that will attract customers to your brand. You want to be able to communicate something distinct; what do current clients love most about your company? Convey this and your web content will attract more customers like them.


Finally, brand messaging plays a significant role in developing your website’s SEO, or search engine optimization. Part of brand messaging is identifying the individual types of customers that seek out your company. What age range are they? Where are they living? What is their general education level? These identifiers will help you choose key terms target to get your website found by your ideal consumer base.