Blogging for SEO

SEO Blogging Recommendations

To maximize the SEO benefits of a blog post, there are several key elements every blog writer needs to consider before touching the keyboard.

Blogging has become an increasingly important tool for generating website traffic. In fact, the search engines, especially Google, have altered their algorithms used to rank sites to focus on blogs, meaning the content of blog posts is now even more crucial than it's been in the past. The way every blog post is constructed plays a role in determining whether or not a site has merit and is worthy of a high search engine ranking. To get those high rankings, there are several key elements every blog writer needs to consider when creating a blog post.

What Are You Trying to Communicate to the Reader?

Here, planning is important. Think about your message, not only for the current blog but for future ones as well. The search engines are always focusing on value, suggesting every blog author must carefully consider not only your site's goals, but also how the blog posts offer value to readers. Readers will consistently return to read your new content if they perceive it as easily readable and providing information they can actually use. Denver web design experts routinely counsel clients to think carefully before writing blogs and to think about how to link each post with past and future blogs as well as other content.

Follow Standard Writing Rules

Not everyone is a grammar guru, but it's important to follow basic grammar rules when constructing blog posts. SEO services in Denver point out that every blog post should include an introduction that honestly describes what the remainder of the content will discuss. Stick to the topic throughout the post even when it's tempting to go off on a tangent you think readers might be interested in. Save that topic for another blog.

Use Original Content in Every Blog

Repeating the same information in posts will tend to drive readers away. At the same time, Google and the other search engines will pick up on the repetitive content, which will lead them to lower the site's ranking. Give readers new information every time. If you're having trouble coming up with unique content, discuss the issue with a web design company in denver and ask for their input. Using a professional to write content may be well worth the investment if doing so generates additional traffic to the site.

Change it Up!

While it may be tempting to use the same basic format for every blog post, it's no longer recommended. Today, web design in denver experts suggest blogs vary in both length and content to appease the search engines and, more importantly, attract new visitors. Readers get bored easily, so surprise them with new information they don't anticipate. Video content or graphics are also great for achieving better rankings from any of the search engines. Most of today's experts suggest a post should be a minimum of about 500 words. There is some disagreement over what the maximum length of a blog should be but, if it's too long, readers will tend to disengage before they finish reading the post. Discuss the issue with your design professional to determine length parameters for your specific target market.

Post on a Regular Schedule

To garner a strong following, post frequently. That doesn't mean every day, but it does mean setting a regular schedule and sticking to it. Regular readers will anticipate reading the new entries when they know your blogs contain quality information and are posted on a regular schedule. Again, discuss how frequently new posts should be added with your SEO expert. Different types of businesses may find shorter or longer intervals are best suited for their particular audiences.

Keywords are Still Important

Recently, some SEO professionals have downplayed the importance of keywords, but they still play a vital role in achieving those all-important search engine rankings. The difference is in the recommendations for the types of keywords used and how frequently they are sprinkled in your text. The days of packing keywords into content are gone, but selecting and carefully placing keywords is still important. Your web design company will discuss keyword use and the different types of keywords with you to make sure they are used effectively in every blog post.

Design Sites to Be Friendly for All Devices

The use of devices with smaller screens is rapidly increasing. That means your blog posts must be compatible not only with larger computer monitors, but also screens on smartphones and tablets. Designing sites to be compatible with a variety of devices is known as responsive web design. While text is still important, it must be easily readable on all devices, not just larger screens. That's another reason graphics and videos are also important elements of modern blogs, as they tend to improve small screen viewer experiences.

While that may seem like a lot to take into consideration, it really isn't that difficult, especially with the assistance of a web design expert. If you haven't already explored the idea of incorporating blogging as part of your web presence strategy, now would be a great time to discuss the value of blogging with a web design expert. Blogs are now almost required to get the best search engine rankings, which means they should be part of your overall marketing strategy. Contact SiteWired Web Solutions, your local web design expert in Denver, today to get started.