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Using Tools to Increase Blogging Effectiveness

People typically have a few goals when they start a blog. They want people to read what they have to say, but they often also want to see if it's possible for them to make some money off of the blog as well. For either of these things to happen, it's necessary to get traffic to the blog. Using...

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4 Helpful Tips that Make Up a Successful Business Blogging Strategy

Blogging is often looked at as a personal activity. Many people do delve into specific areas of their personal life when writing a blog for another website, or perhaps for their own website. However, business blogging can also be very helpful for a business. Blogs can help to inform people about...

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The Benefits of Business Blogging: Why Your Website Has a Blog

In today's technologically advanced society, much of an individual's social life is tied to the internet. Users of the world wide web share experiences, opinions, and reviews that often form a coherent first impression presented to the rest of the world. The same goes for businesses. Maintaining...

What’s the Buzz about Blogs?

What’s the Buzz about Blogs?

It is contested whether blogging is still as relevant in today’s social media marketing environment. Blogging can be time consuming or sometimes costly if you need to out-source content marketing services. Nevertheless, maintaining a regular blog has integral benefits for your business’ online...

What do your visitors want to see on your blog?

What do your visitors want to see on your blog?

You still update semi-regularly, but you're just not seeing the performance and click-through rate you want to get out of your blog.

This is a great time to take a look at the big picture and remember why your blog exists—to give visitors the information they want. By truly focusing on...