The Benefits of Quality Web Content

The Benefits of Quality Web Content

Online marketing is on the rise and the importance of quality web content with it. The homepage of your website provides potential clients with initial insights into the overall feel and level of professionalism your company conveys in the business world. Of course, an ideal website will need to include a clean and user-friendly structure and engaging graphic content, but wise website agencies know not to neglect the written word. Even a couple of brief paragraphs on your homepage can be the secret to keeping users intrigued and the leads pouring in.

First and foremost, web content serves to communicate the services you offer, their value and what sorts of clients your business serves primarily. Users should be able to visit your website and immediately grasp why they should choose your company, based on a clear introductory statement of value and services. It is commonly cited that the average user spends just 10-20 seconds on a website before deciding to either read more or continue searching. Quality web copy can be the difference between an unenthused passerby and a potential lead.

Another function of web content is conveying your brand identity and company culture. Discussing your services tells users that your company fulfills their needs. Talking about your passion, vision and dedication to pleasing your clients tells users that your business is the right one out of the dozens on the market. A page devoted to employee bios can reveal the personal side of your company while an “about” page can deliver a brief history and a mission statement that drives all that you do. Always try to communicate why your business is in operation in addition to what that operation is.

Finally, web content improves your website’s search engine ranking. Integrating key terms such as the services you offer, your location and the top qualities of your services (i.e. affordability, dependability, speed) into your web content will help your site get picked up by Google’s search algorithm. It also helps to regularly update the content on your website in the form of blog posts or highlights from social media pages.

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