Backlinks and Your Search Rankings

Backlinks and Your Search Rankings

Search engine optimization considers backlinks to be top priority for any SEO campaign. In today's blog post, we'll go over the basics of backlinks and how they impact your website.

Backlinks were originally one of the most important navigation tools on the Internet. Despite any technical jargon you might read about, they're pretty much the opposite of what is commonly referred to as a link. Let's take a look at a simple example to illustrate the difference:

Link: Alice maintains a blog about electric cars. She sees that a company has just announced a new model for the coming year. Alice puts a hyperlink—clickable text that directs a user to another page—that points to the company's product page.

Backlink: The same car company takes a look at their recently published product page. They can see that Alice has published a blog post that contains a hyperlink pointing to their page. This reference from another page to their own page is a backlink.

How does this change web design in Denver?

While backlinks may seem like an innocuous piece of information about a webpage, they're one of the leading factors in Google's PageRank system. Virtually every search engine considers a backlink to be a "vote" for the relevance or importance of a page. Websites with very few backlinks are "off the grid" and difficult to reach through hyperlinks. Search ranking systems see this as a bad sign—websites with poor content or spam will not have any quality backlinks.

This is also a huge reason for new websites that have just launched to see poor search rankings. Backlinks are low, and it takes quite a bit of time to start building backlinks from trusted websites. SEO efforts can make a huge difference in getting your website to start climbing the rankings.

Not All Backlinks are Created Equal

Beware of Denver web developers that promise quick and cheap backlinking services! Some websites are specifically designed to link to any site that will pay—resulting in a higher number of backlinks—but Google quickly caught on to this "linkspam". If you have a large number of backlinks from websites of poor repute with search engines, you'll actually be doing more harm than good.

Your main goal should be to build backlinks with trusted, important websites that are relevant to your industry or business. Ten backlinks from a Fortune 500 company is worth more than a thousand backlinks from spam sites.

The best approach is to focus your efforts on publishing regular content in association with a professional SEO campaign. These two avenues go hand-in-hand, and one makes the other exponentially more valuable. Combining them is the simplest way to see a high return-on-investment.

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