Apple's Safari 9.0 Unveiled

Apple's Safari 9.0 Unveiled

Apple has been busy making waves with their recent announcement of new streaming platform Apple Music. However, Denver web design firms are keeping a closer eye on an update that's flying under the radar.

Safari 9.0 can account for a rather large portion of your web visitors when taking mobile devices into account. The latest update is mostly great news for web designers, but a certain segment of websites will be more than a little concerned.

Exciting New Functionality

The huge rise in popularity with single-page web design has led to a few innovations in how browsing is handled. In the past, web designers would make use of JavaScript plugins like jQuery Scrollsnap to make things easier for users. User experience (UX) teams insert code to force scrolling to snap to a certain portion of the page so that all user interface (UI) and content elements would align.

The new Safari update adds further CSS functionality to scroll snapping. These new properties give you more tools for customizing your single-page website, but it also shows web designers that Apple believes single-page web design will continue to thrive.

Advertisers May Suffer

Users familiar with Chrome may be aware of popular ad-blocking extensions which prevent ads from loading while browsing the web. Apple will now allow developers to make similar extensions for Safari. It's a sure bet developers are already hard at work creating advertising blockers for Safari on mobile devices.

Users demand speed and clarity on smaller devices with slower Internet speeds. We may see a large number of users installing these extensions to improve their experience, but any website models reliant on ad revenue will take a hit.

Most of these new developments won't arrive until fall, so now is the time to start preparing your web design layout and advertising elements. Depending on your content and user-base, web designers will want to include default images which display when an ad is blocked. This will preserve layouts and can potentially convey messages about the impact of lower ad revenue on the website.