3 Resources for Generating Blog Content


We've previously covered ways to connect your blog posts to social media and directly interact with your readers.

By far, the most common problem for any consistent blog is finding blog post topics which balance search engine optimization (SEO) opportunities with relevant, desired information. Today we're going to make use of some fantastic free online tools to help get your creative juices flowing.

Your Keywords and the Competition

You've already spent time and money shaping your marketing strategies and targeting highly sought after keywords. It goes without saying these keywords are going to be your bread and butter for blog topics. Google offers plenty of tracking tools to gauge your ranking performance.

Enter SEMRush for taking a peek at which keywords other competitors in your market are ranking for. This marketing tool collects a huge amount of SERP data to give you an idea of the strategies you're up against.

You can certainly make use of the ads traffic data for shaping your marketing budget, but try to focus on the organic keywords and the volume associated with them. These are the search terms you'll want to include in your blog topics and content to maximize SEO effectiveness.

Google AutoComplete and Suggestions

Entering a search term in Google's search engine will often bring up a list of questions associated with that term. Also, an incredible amount of users look for answers by entering a full question. While it isn't necessarily an optimal way to find information with a search, these questions are tailor-made for a new blog post.

Check out Keyword Tool for quick suggestions on keywords. Target a search term relevant to your website and preclude it with a common question word. You'll instantly find blog topics you need to be focusing on to help your readers or draw in new visitors looking for an answer.

Keep an Eye on Social Media

Getting your blog posts shared on websites like Facebook or Twitter brings in new visitors and raises brand awareness, but getting posts shared is easier said than done. You never want your social media shares to come across as forced ads showing up in someone's feed!

While you'll want to avoid sales language in every blog topic/post, it's also necessary to latch onto popular trends everyone wants to share. Buzzsumo is the tool of choice to get a broad view of social media activity within certain topics.

The pace of the Internet and wide use of social media websites means news and content can spread like wildfire in an instant. By keeping tabs on these trends, you can tailor your blog to remain topical and current. Staying up-to-date often means the difference between sinking or swimming in the digital world.