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Catering To The Consumer: A Brief Guide On How to Design A Successful B2C Website

When building a business online, it’s vital that website owners consider their customer. When a business owner is selling to other businesses, they need to put their focus on showing that they are knowledgeable and logical. They must seek to educate their client and provide expertise through highly-detailed content.

Business to consumer (B2C) websites, on the other hand, require a much different approach. These websites need to appeal to end users in a much different and simpler way. For those who are in the midst of building a B2C website and want to make sure they are on the right track, read on to discover How to Design a Successful B2C Website.

Knowing The Customer Is Key

Hands down, the most important building block of B2C Website Design is market research. Website owners must know their customers inside and out. Unlike business owners, research has shown that consumers are driven by their emotions to make purchases – not necessarily by logic or necessity. Therefore, it’s vital that B2C websites meet the following goals:

Understanding what emotional need the product fulfills and tailoring website copy to highlight that need.

Offering and displaying the products and services that consumers want most.

Following these two principles will help website owners convert more visitors into buyers by appealing to their core emotions.

Believe It Or Not, Design Does Matter

According to software development giant Adobe, nearly 40 percent of consumers will stop interacting with a website as soon as they see that the layout and design is clunky or unattractive. In order to avoid losing potential customers, it’s important for business owners to understand the essential elements of good Denver Business to Consumer Website Design. A few of these elements include:

  • Visuals: Research shows that people prefer pictures over text. While B2B websites need to focus on text and information, business to consumer design should put visual elements front and center.
  • Responsiveness: Desktop use is on the decline while the rate at which consumers are using tablets and smartphones to access the internet has grown by 30 to 70 percent. This means that good B2C design should look and function beautifully on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Variety: Consumers like variety, and it keeps them from getting bored while looking through a website. Give customers the ability to zoom in on pictures, see products from multiple angles, and watch videos of product demonstrations.
  • Make Things Easy For The Consumer

When aiming for successful Business to Consumer Website Design, business owners definitely need to focus on usability. Consumers expect to be able to find things easily without having to dig for the information they want. When it comes to usability, B2C website owners should keep the following in mind:

Nearly 90 percent of consumers want to see product and service information on the front page.

Ensure that all pricing for products and services is made clear. While other business owners expect custom pricing and a much longer sales process when they make purchases, consumers want to know how much things will cost them up front.

Make sure that the checkout experiences is as straightforward as possible. Checkout should be fast and convenient, and the entire process should be contained on one page. If possible, don’t require customers to click away from the site to make a purchase.

Make Things Interactive

The dawn of social media has definitely changed the way the market works. These days, consumers expect to be able to interact with brands much more than they did in the past. For B2C website owners, this means:

They need to be able to provide fast and responsive service. Consumers love when websites offer a chat function that allows them to get a quick answer to a question or concern.

There should be plenty of opportunities for social interaction. Many B2C websites have the ability to display their social media feed as well as content from customers who are posting about their purchases using a common hashtag. Encourage users to share their purchases with friends on social media as well as follow and like the company’s social media pages.

The real key to creating a successful Denver B2C Website Design is knowing what the customer wants and delivering it to them in a fun and simple fashion. When business owners take the time to truly get to know their target audience and are committed to providing for their needs, they’ll be able to enjoy much more success, both online and off.